With the start of a hard-hitting drum fill that leads into The Noisy Crow’s New single, “Do You Ever?” the Canadian Alternative Rock Trio presents music consumers, the missing piece of a puzzle.

The 2020 release hits us with a well written and arranged composition that creates body movement, easy to remember lyrics, and vocal melodies to sing along with. The track feels right on every bass groove, guitar lead parts, drum breaks, and double-time snare hits.

“Do You Ever?” has a theme we can all relate to, the lyrics are crafted with a broken heart from a failed relationship and unanswered questions. A relationship resting between failure and the wonders of what if?

For me, playing the song once was not enough, and if you need to put the track on repeat, the repeat button looks like this: 

– Jasper Jones | Dave and Jones Magazine


Already on their way to becoming not only a Canadian, but international staple, The Noisy Crows are rolling in with full force. Their new single “Do You Ever?” hit our radar earlier this month and we cannot stop listening